Smart Manufacturing: CAE as a Service, in the Cloud

The benefits for small and medium size businesses (SMBs) and research departments of using High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC) within their design and development processes can be huge. For example enormous cost savings; reducing product failure during design, development, and production; develop optimized processes; achieve higher quality products; and shorten the time to market or scientific result. Potentially, all this can lead to increased competitiveness, deeper insight, and more innovation. However, the vast majority of SMBs perform virtual prototyping or large-scale data modeling still on their desktop computers. But because of the well-known limitations of these systems, many companies can't solve more sophisticated application problem, in shorter time. Therefore, most of these companies have a real need for additional HPTC. In this presentation, we will discuss two options for SMBs and research departments for acquiring additional HPTC power: buying an HPTC server or using cloud computing. Both options come with great benefits, but also with challenges. We will present an overview of the status and trend of HPTC in the Cloud for digital manufacturing and analyze the roadblocks and how we are solving them. And we will look at the reasons why we believe the acceptance of HPTC in the Cloud will strongly increase in the near future, especially for digital manufacturing. We will close with a real-life hands-on case study of CAE in the Cloud.