Dummy Models General Update

Humanetics is committed to provide the industry with sophisticated crash test dummies and class-leading finite element models developed with state of art technology and unique engineering knowledge. New regulations, have made it necessary to improve existing crash test dummies and introduce new dummies. Furthermore, harmonization and increasing quality requirements are responsible for modifications of existing crash test dummies as well. Humanetics is working together with several OEM’s, Tier-1 suppliers and engineering companies in the field of OOP, front crash, side crash, first row, second row and on topics like misuse load case, restraint system and airbag development. Humanetics, would like to give an overview of the latest LS-DYNA finite element model developments of the HIII3YO, HIII6YO, HIII5th, HIII50th, HIII95th, Q6, Q10, Q10SK, SIDIIS, THOR-50M and Thor-5 and FLEX-PLI.