Superplastische Blechumformung von Magnesiumlegierungen

Superplastic Sheet Metal Forming is known since a long time, but has not established itself in Germany yet. Superplastic Sheet Metal Forming exhibits great potential regarding magnesium alloys which are marked by poor formability at room temperature. Recent discussions about global warming and future carbon emission regulations increase the demand for light weight components in passenger car and aviation industry. Superplastically formed magnesium parts potentially can meet such challenges. Process numerical simulations play a very important role during the development of a desired part design. This paper discusses the advances in superplastic forming of magnesium alloys researched within the scope of a BMBF project (“Mobil mit Magnesium – M3”). The superplastic forming process and its potentials are briefly described. Some experimental results on warm bulging of magnesium alloys AZ31B and ZE10hp have been presented. A strategy for FEM process simulation using LS-Dyna has been developed.

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