Automating and Organizing the Optimization Process Using ANSA - LS-OPT - META. A Bumper Optimization Case Study

As the optimization techniques are used more extensively during the product development life cycle, the use of a tool that organizes the definition of an optimization process becomes essential. The set up of combined shape and parameter optimization is possible through ANSA functionality and the use of the Morphing Tool. Besides the optimization problem set up, ANSA functionality intends to provide an efficient way to check the model validity and element quality before the optimization is run. Since the simulation models become even larger, it is important to apply element quality improving algorithms in a non time consuming way. The direct coupling of ANSA with LSOPT provides a powerful and user friendly tool for setting up the optimization problem. The use of META as a post processor offers an efficient way to extract the responses, even when complicated actions and calculations are needed.

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