Integrating platiscs molding and structure dynamics analysis by leveraging LS-DYNA, Moldex3D and PreSYS

An increasing number of automotive or consumer electronics parts are made of engineering plastic for its low cost and superior material properties. The traditional structure analysis for injection-molded plastics part is to perform CAE analysis based on the assumption of one or several isotropic materials. However, the material characteristic of plastic part is extremely dependent on molding process. The process-induced properties, such as fiber-induced anisotropic mechanical properties or weld-line defects, might not be favorable to the structural requirement of final products. Besides, the mesh requirement for different analysis purposes might not be the same, either. In this topic, we integrate the CAE analysis of structure and plastics molding through the integration of LS-DYNA, Moldex3D, and PreSys. This approach shows the effects of mutually dependent analyses have been successfully examined in some injection-molded parts.