Usage of fully detailed CAE models for concept design with the ANSA Morphing Tool

During the concept phase of product development, simplified CAD and CAE models are used to retain model versatility and minimize the set up time and the analysis complexity. However, this process often leads to simplified calculations with inaccurate results diverting from a realistic solution. Additionally, considerable time is spent to convert the simplified CAE models to full detailed ones at a later stage. This paper describes a recommended process for the usage of full detailed CAE models during the concept design phase. The resulting models are ready to run in LS-DYNA and their results are validated. This process is accomplished by the functionality of the ANSA Morphing Tool. The engineer is able to use former versions of full detailed CAE models or even CAE models of similar product versions and transform them according to the new layout within a few work days. Using this process the engineer is able to run the first analysis without the need to add feature details and solver specific entities to the concept model.