Prediction of structural response of FRP composites for conceptual design of vehicles under impact loading

For the predictability of composite material behaviour under highly dynamic loads like crash, there is a need for better models reproducing the exact physics of failure mechanisms (matrix cracking, delamination, heat dissipation etc.). This belongs to the state-of-the-art research topics in numerical modelling. The conceptual design of vehicle structures however requires a qualitative understanding of the load-displacement characteristics, absorbed energy and the load distribution in other structural components and therefore may not necessarily demand a precise modelling of the physical behaviour. From the results of material testing of a variety of composite specimens, the necessary parameters for different LS-DYNA specific constitutive material laws are identified. After that, the modelling and simulation of simplified part samples have been carried out with dynamic loading conditions. The results are then compared with experimental testing of these part samples; hence the suitable parameters for composite design are identified. The scope, drawback and opportunities for numerical prediction using the considered constitutive laws and modelling schemes are then discussed based on the verification of the results.