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DYNAmore Express: Dynaform 6.1 - New features and enhancements

Dynaform 6.1 is the sixth-generation DYNAFORM product. It provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface with a streamlined design. The analysis process is fully based on the stamping process, which requires less CAE knowledge, and minimum geometry and element operations. This latest release offers the following features and improvements:

  • Intuitive and Streamlined Interface
  • Tree Structure to Manage Operation
  • Simulation Data Manager
  • Customized Icons Grouping for Drop-down Menu Functions
  • Separate and Independent Application
  • Unified Pre and Post Processing
  • Multi-Window View
  • Access Functions Using Right Mouse Button Clicks
  • Supports Large Forming Simulation Models
  • Geometry Manager
  • Process Wizard for Blank Size Engineering
  • Minimum Geometry and Elements Operations
  • New Material Library Window
  • New Drawbead Shape and Library
  • Coordinate System Manager
  • Instant Section Cut
  • Tata Steel FLD
  • Balloon Label
  • PowerPoint and Excel Based Automatic Formability Report Generation

25 September 2020, 10-11 am

Datum 25.09.2020 (2 h)
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