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DYNAmore Express: Hints when switching from an explicit to an implicit deck

Product development today means satisfying requirements within a variety of fields like crash safety, durability and sound comfort for a passenger car.

The one-code strategy of LS-DYNA makes it possible to apply the same analysis tool from process simulation to large deformation rapid events like drop test
and crash analyses, to non-linear quasi-static analyses, and linear dynamics in the frequency domain.
Applying the same solver makes it easier to share experiences within the organization, and to compose agile teams of analysts for different tasks.
A uniform modelling approach with respect to connectors, materials, contacts etc. can be used. The same models developed for rapid events and explicit
time integration can be reused also for non-linear quasi-static analyses and linear statics with only minor modifications.

This Webinar gives hints on what to consider when switching from an explicit to an implicit simulation model.

23. Oktober 2020, 9-10 Uhr

Datum 23.10.2020 (2 h)
Tutoren Anders Jonnson
Ort Online
Sprachen Englisch