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LS-OPT: Status Update

Das Webinar findet am 12. November von 16-17 Uhr statt.
Vortragende: Nielen Stander, Anirban Basudhar (LST/Ansys)

Version 7.0 of LS-OPT provided the following new features:

  1. Job scheduler. This is a complete redesign. It includes SSH Proxy, new Blackbox features and new GUI dialogs. It supports user options for normal, error and abnormal termination when employing user-defined solvers.
  2. Principal Component Analysis. This methodology can be applied to histories and response fields for the purpose of sensitivity analysis.
  3. Process management: A new GUI feature allows disabling and enabling MDO cases or process stages.
  4. Sequential metamodel-based probabilistic analysis.
  5. Classifier-based sampling constraints for adaptive sampling. This can be used as an adaptive methodology to accelerate MDO simulation/optimization by pre-constraining the domain in which crash analysis is conducted.
  6. A partial curve mapping algorithm DTW-p for improving material identification accuracy [1]

Other new features are Distribution fitting (Normal and Weibull) using user-defined observation data, as well as an interface to Oasys PRIMER.

New developments in LS-OPT include the following:

  1. Extension of DIC-based mapping to most solid elements supported by LS-DYNA (hexahedron, pentahedron, tetrahedron) as well as triangular shell elements.
  2. Integration of LS-DYNA in other Ansys products by providing the LS-OPT Extractor as a standalone executable. In addition to direct extraction, crash criteria and other special functions are also available.
  3. Reduced order modeling.



Datum 12.11.2021 (1 h)
Ort Online
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