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Simulating Short Duration Events

Most applications of LS-DYNA are for complex, and often combined, physics where nonlinearities due to large deformations and material response, including failure, are the norm. Often the goal of such simulations is to provide predictions which will ultimately be used to guide product development and safety assessments.

Insights into modeling and simulation are illustrated through examples and numerous modeling ‘tricks’ and options are discussed. An emphasis is placed on modeling techniques, guidelines for which technique(s) to select, which techniques work well and when, and possible pitfalls in modeling choice selections. Simulation credibility is demonstrated through solution of multiple models, with associated multiple solvers, required checks of global and local energies, and mesh refinement strategies.

This two day class provides instruction on the selection and use of the LS-DYNA solvers used for analyzing blast and penetration related problems. It is intended for the LS-DYNA analysts possessing a comfortable command of the LS-DYNA keywords and options associated with typical Lagrange analyses. The training class will attempt to provide the analyst with the additional tools and knowledge required to make appropriate modeling decisions and convey the level of confidence in predictive results.


Day 1

  • Introduction to modeling & simulation
  • Verification & validation
  • Explicit & implicit - choosing an appropriate time integrator
  • 3d Multi-Material Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (MM-ALE)
  • 1d and 2d-axisymmetric MM-ALE with mapping and adaptivity

Day 2

  • Contact – which type to use, when, and why
  • Fluid Structure Interaction
  • Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)
  • Stress initialization or preloads

Termine Dauer/Tage Kalender Anmeldung Trainer Sprache(n) Ort Gebühr
04.10.2022, 09:00 - 17:00 2 Tage Zum Kalender Anmeldung Paul Du Bois, Len Schwer Englisch Stuttgart 1200 €


Paul Du Bois

Paul Du Bois


Referent der Seminare:

  •  Crashsimulation mit LS-DYNA
  • Methods for Simulating Short Duration
  • Events Blast Modeling with LS-DYNA
  • Penetration Modeling with LS-DYNA
  • Explosives Modeling for Engineers

Len Schwer

Len Schwer


Referent der Seminare:

  • Concrete and Geomaterial Modeling
  • Methods for Simulating Short Duration
  • Blast Modeling with LS-DYNA
  • Penetration Modeling with LS-DYNA
  • Explosives Modeling for Engineers