Design of Experiments (DOE)

Design of Experiments (DOE)

With Design of Experiments module, the user can create an experimental design, construct the response surface model for this design, and analyze the characteristics of the design and the approximate model. The user can also use the generated approximate model optimization or other tasks.

A DOE Sample

The list of available DOE design methods is as follows.

  • Factorial Design
  • Central Composite Design
  • Box-Behnken Design
  • Koshal Design
  • Standard Latin Hypercube and Optimal Latin Hypercube Design
  • Taguchi Design
  • Simplex Design
  • Random Design
  • User Defined
  • D-Optimal Design

The approximation models consist of:

  • Linear
  • Mixed: Linear + Interaction
  • Mixed: Linear + Quadratic
  • Full Quadratic
  • Forward Stepwise Regression
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