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Optimization, Integration, Execution

Probabilistic Analysis and Optimization

This component can be used to perform probabilistic analysis and optimization. A deterministic analysis (or any subflow) can be easily converted to probabilistic analysis by wrapping it inside a probabilistic component. This component adds uncertainties to the selected inputs and all the responses. The user can perform various kinds of non-deterministic analyses such as reliability-based optimization, robust optimization, n-sigma design, etc.


Probabilistic Modeling

The following sampling techniques are available:

  • Direct Monte Carlo Sampling
  • Latin Hypercube Sampling
  • Mean Value Approximation Method
  • Approximate Direct Monte Carlo Sampling
  • Approximate Latin Hypercube Sampling

Process Integration

Virtually any analysis program/software can be coupled to VisualDOC. VisualDOC provides several components to facilitate such coupling. The following process integration capabilities are available:


Read/Write ASCII Text File

  • Import/Export components in/out of VisualDOC
  • Direct communication with MS-Excel and Matlab
  • Read/Write almost any fixed or free formatted ASCII text file
  • Launch external analysis programs (e.g. Genesis, LS-Dyna, etc.)
  • Link with user-defined exectuables and libraries
  • Import/Reuse/Export simulation data

Model Execution



VisualDOC provides real-time visual feedback for model execution. It provides a large number of options and facilities to define, control, automate, and inspect model execution. A partial list of model execution facilities is as follows.

  • Real-time visual feedback: Highlights the component that is currently running
  • All the simulation data shown anywhere updated in real-time
  • Cyclic/conditional execution of the VisualDOC model
  • Execute individual components or only a part of a sub-flow
  • Batch-mode execution: run a simulation unattended
  • Extremely powerful debugging support
    • Add/remove/enable/disable breakpoints
    • Start/Stop/Pause/Continue a simulation
    • Step-by-step execution (interactive)
  • Remote Run: VisualDOC allows the user to run itself on the local host computer, and perform the expensive analysis on another remote computer. Running the analysis on a remote computer is accomplished via ssh protocal. The local computer where the VisualDOC GUI runs must have a ssh client, while the remote computer where the analysis runs, must run a ssh server.
  • Red Octagon: Enabled breakpoint
  • Green Circle: Disabled breakpoint
  • Large Red Octagon with Cross: Active breakpoint