Simulation Monitors and Post-processing

VisualDOC provides comprehensive simultion monitoring capability that is completely independent of model execution. The simulation monitors do not in any way affect the progress of a simulation. The simulation monitors and post processors can be used to display, analyze, and explore the simulation results. Any number of simulation monitors can be added before, during, or after a simulation. The monitors primarily consist of textual reports, tabular data, and graphical visualization. A large number of plot types are supported (e.g. 2D, 3D, line, scatter, surface, frequency, correlation, matrix, etc.). The post-processors are run only after a simulation has finished. The post-processors primarily consist of summary reports, design point tables, and interactive viewers (2D and 3D approximation viewer, parallel coordinates chart, etc.).

2D Plots

Scatter Chart

3D Approximation Viewer

Parallel Plot