Robustness analysis with uncertainties in side impact simulation

In order to ensure a robust behavior of occupant protection systems in side impact, the scatter of various parameters (material, friction, dummy positioning, ignition airbag, ...) are examined in the simulation. These variations are designed to represent uncertainties that may occur in reality and thus in the experimental procedure. For this purpose, a meaningful probability distribution of scattering for each parameter must be selected.

Content of this work is to systematize these studies and to develop a process integration proposal for a standardized robustness investigation.

Execution and Goals

A possible flow chart for this work could be:

  • Specification of realistic variations to take into account uncertainties for certain model parameters.
  • Modeling and incorporation of these variations in well-validated simulation models of the occupant protection. This is done using the software package LS-OPT, which includes multiple options for robustness analysis.
  • The process of robustness analysis are to be in CAx LoCo  (software for Process- and Data management at AUDI). The study is performed on a current vehicle project.
  • Evaluation and interpretation of statistical results.
  • Understanding of the methods and assessing the statistical evaluation variables.
  • Investigation of numerical noise of system responses to deterministic response changes
  • Representing statistical values ​​on the finite element model (DIFFCrash).
  • Elaboration of process steps for standardized implementation of robustness analysis.
  • Documentation

Start: Right away
Duration: at least 6 months

For more detailed information please contact Dr. Heiner Müllerschön at phone + 49 (0) 7 11 - 45 96 00 20.