Dynamische Einwirkungen auf Stahlstrukturen – Simulation einer Ansprengung auf eine mögliche U-Bootstruktur

Norbert Nawa, Thomas Just Howaldtswerke – Deutsche Werft AG, Norbert.Nawa@hdw.de, Kiel, Deutschland TNO Automotive GmbH, just@tno-automotive.de, Stuttgart, Deutschland The underwater pressure field and initial shockwave from a TNT detonation was calculated using the explicit code of LS-DYNA. The effect of this initial shockwave was determined on cylindrical geometries representing a submarine. Models and material laws for water and subsequent loading were proven during these analyses. Care was taken to apply suitable loading with consideration of the model size and calculation time. Further considerations were made for the reaction of flooded sections. A provisional result came in form of the loading function *LOAD_SSA (sub-sea-analysis) for cylindrical geometries, and was proven to be useful. The *LOAD_SSA was then tested on an example geometry of an actual submarine. These results were compared with previous experience, showing that the loading and the response of a submerged submarine to shockwaves can be analyzed by LS-DYNA.

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