Thermisch-mechanisch gekoppelte Blechumformsimulationen mit LS-DYNA

D. Lorenz (DYNAmore); Prof. K. Roll (DaimlerChrysler) In the automotive industry a general tendency to choose steels with enhanced strength for structural parts can be observed. This trend results from the increased lightweight design efforts to satisfy the fleet consumption restrictions. Hotforming and quenching of highstrength sheet steel offers the possibility to improve the component strength and reduce the weight of structural carbody parts. The simulation of such processes is different from conventional sheet metal forming simulations since the fast cooling of the hot blank during the forming process necessitates a thermal-mechanical coupled simulation. Thus a convenient modeling approach must account for the fast cooling of the blank as well as for the heating of the tool surface in contact. Different modeling approaches are discussed and a feasible modeling approach of the entire forming and heat treatment process with LS-DYNA is presented.

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