SuperLIGHT-CAR - the Multi-Material Car Body

Over the last years, total vehicle weights have risen significantly. With their direct influence on the power demand of vehicles, the reduction of weight is one among other measures in order to decrease the fuel consumption and CO2-emissions. The European project SuperLIGHT-CAR (SLC) is aiming at a weight reduction for the body-in-white (BIW) of a compact class passenger car, following the multi- material approach. By this, the perfect material is chosen for every component of the body structure, based on criteria such as energy absorption, structural integrity, stiffness etc.. Simulations are required in order to assess the concept and to show further potential for improvement. LS-Dyna is used in this project to a large extent since it offers excellent opportunities for both static and dynamic load cases that are regarded. The model is therefore built-up from different include files which offer the capability to change quickly between load cases and concept versions. In addition, a multidisciplinary optimisation based on LS-Opt reveals further potential for weight reduction. The main goal of the project, a weight reduction of 30 % for the BIW, is overachieved while the structural performance of the reference vehicle is maintained or even improved. The fact that only one model had to be used for all simulations decreased the required time for a full analysis run and hence accelerated the development process.

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