New Design of Roadside Pole Structure: Crash Analysis of Different Longitudinal Tubes using LS-DYNA

This paper is an investigation into the design of an energy absorbing street pole, concerning the frontal impact of a vehicle. With design engineers now are looking at other ways to improve vehicle occupant safety by focusing on the advantages that can be achieved by improving the crashworthiness of street furniture. The study of axial crush behaviour of metal materials are investigated along with a number of variables such as cross-sectional shape, shell thickness, materials, as well as the velocity affects on tubes. Different simulations are carried out on the effects of bedded crumple initiators placed a various heights from the top of the tube, in determining the desired value of peak load reduction, along with the effect in energy absorption of the tube. With the conclusion of the desired variables for the design of an energy absorbing tube, the tubes are placed 90 degrees to that of the base of the model street pole to modify the pole design . Simulation of frontal impact of a vehicle and street pole are analysed and compared to that of the energy absorbing street pole concept. Studies are carried out by numerical simulation via the explicit finite element code LS- DYAN. Results compare the absorbed energy and the deflection of each variable, and recommend optimum design for the pole structure which improved vehicle crashworthiness.

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