A Real World Approach for using LS-DYNA to Achieve True Springback Compensation on SS Components During Forming

Springback is every tool designer’s nightmare. A tool designer can make a die adjustable for some areas that need to be over-hit. Most parts are sprung throughout their entire surface. In these cases the entire part would need adjustment. Almost every time the die always requires a re-cut/re-work to put the part in spec. This re-work and re-cut is a time consuming, trial and error method that takes shop resources which typically are not available near the end of a build. This presentation illustrated a method which uses DYNAFORM/LSDYNA as the analysis tool, associates with the measurement procedure, provides a complete process and a effective way for the springback compensation needs. This procedure saves hours of measurement and modelling time. In many cases, a single re-cut of the die is all that would be required to achieve the correct compensation in even the most difficult parts.

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