A Next Generation Software Platform for LS-DYNA Modeling and Configurable Vertical Application Development

Finite element modeling tools have undergone a transformation in recent years. These tools have been made easier to use, configurable for vertical applications and able to interact with outside applications. Such software needs to not only efficiently create models, but are also expected to interact with other software tools, be configurable and anticipate the future needs of users by being able to extend the users ability to assimilate models and other data efficiently into an LS-DYNA environment. Using the heritage of a stable, well-featured finite element modeling software, ETA has developed a new software platform to create finite element modeling software that meets the challenges of today’s users, both from an infrastructure and a data management standpoint. This will offer users an opportunity to create, share and manage models using standardized interfaces, scripting tools and both standardized and user-defined processes. This paper will present the opportunities that this new platform will offer users and the future of modeling tools that empower users of optimization and synchronous design tools.

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