Improved Product Design Using Mapping in Manufacturing Process Chains

Generally, the manufacturing of complex structures involves various processes that yield the final product. Simulation methods are often used to optimize each single process step. When the manufacturing levels involve different physical disciplines usually diverse discretizations have to be used. Hence, if a result of a simulation has an influence on the simulation of the following processing step it needs to be transferred between possibly different domains. When chaining these process steps together in the simulation, software interfaces become necessary to realize an integrated virtual process chain. The Fraunhofer-Institute for Scientific Computing developed the software tool SCAIMapper as neutral data mapping interface in process chains supporting a wide range of different well-established FEM simulation software packages as LS-Dyna. The paper shows how the utilization of data mapping can help modeling manufacturing process chains as well as optimize material property parameters used in simulation by validation with experimental results. Therefore, among others, an example for improved failure prediction of a b-pillar in crash simulation applying data mapping from forming simulation and also a new evaluation method increasing the analysis quality in sheet metal forming applications is presented.

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