simpulseday, Nov. ´16

10 November 2016, Weissach, Germany


10. November 2016, Weissach

Simulation methods are pioneers of the mobility of the future. They enable engineers to analyze highly complex interrelationships within the shortest possible time and to efficiently cope with hitherto unsolved problems. Even though this technology may play a pivotal role in the design of future mobility concepts, it is the impending challenges that are of major importance to society. Mobility is one of the central pillars in the inexorable striving of an ever-growing world population for more prosperity. Alternative drive concepts, resource efficiency and lightweight design, vehicle connectivity, data analysis and autonomous driving are trend-setting concepts to avoid a global collapse in the mobility sector. For this purpose, existing technology has to be linked – through technology transfer – to the latest achievements from the academic and business communities.

The peripheral conditions that arise from globalization require more than an adjustment of the final products. On the contrary, they call for a new way of thinking in the development process and the training of future engineers. Due to a consistent method development, innovative simulation methods together with the use of high-performance computing (HPC) allow us to tap into as yet unused potential.

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