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Joining Techniques in LS-DYNA
Stuttgart (GER), 06.11.2017
Applied Forming Simulation with eta/DYNAFORM
Stuttgart (GER), 06.11.2017
Metal Forming with LS-DYNA
Stuttgart (GER), 08.11.2017
Implicit Analysis using LS-DYNA
Versailles (FRA) , 08.11.2017
User Materials
Stuttgart (GER), 13.11.2017
Information days / webinars
Infoday Forming Trends
Attendorn (GER), 30.10.2017
New Features in LS-DYNA and LS-OPT
Berlin (GER), 10.11.2017
Infoday Composite Analysis
Stuttgart (GER), 13.11.2017
Infoday ENVYO
Stuttgart (GER), 13.11.2017
Support days LS-DYNA
Stuttgart (GER), 17.11.2017