The developers at ETA released DYNAFORM in response to user demand for a streamlined, sheet metal forming simulation tool. The DYNAFORM software package is an integrated preprocessor, solver and postprocessor.

DYNAFORM is a well established product with over 700 licenses worldwide. Its applications include: Tool Surface Modeling, Finite Element Mesh Generation, Draw Bead Force Prediction, Binder Wrap Analysis, Draw Die Simulation, Trimming Operations, Spring Back Simulation and Compensation, Multiple Stage Tooling Simulation and more.

DYNAFORM reduces the tryout time and costs that are associated with the tooling design and development cycle. Designed to be easy to use, DYNAFORM contains numerous automated functions to aid in even the most complex forming problems. Models can be either constructed or imported using DYNAFORM's powerful pre-processor. LS-DYNA, DYNAFORM's analysis engine, is an implicit and explicit solver used by the world's top aerospace, automobile and ordnance companies. DYNAFORM's post-processor contains a myriad of tools for interpreting the LS-DYNA analysis.

New Version 7.0 now available

DYNAFORM represents an established product with more than 700 licenses worldwide.

The functional scope of DYNAFORM includes, among others, the modeling of die effective surfaces, the generation of finite element meshes, the prediction of drawing bead forces, the simulation of sheet metal holder closing as well as the actual deep drawing operations, trimming operations, the calculation of springback and its compensation, the simulation of multi-stage forming processes and much more.

Dynaform 6.2 combines ease of use with a multitude of automated functions, which allow a fast setup of the simulation even for complex forming processes allow a fast setup of the simulation.

The new user interface is particularly noteworthy. It has been optimized in terms of user-friendliness and intuitiveness.

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  • AUTOSETUP: The complete LS-DYNA interface allows a comfortable configuration and analysis of complex deep drawing simulations. The functionality of the AUTOSETUP is not confined to the deep drawing and also simplifies the simulation of tube forming, rotary bending, roller hemming and superplastic forming processes.
  • AUTOMATIC MESH GENERATION: The integrated mesh generator has been optimized for the meshing of forming tools and provides a fast and reliable mesh generation by a few fingertips.
  • DRAW BEAD DEFINITION: DYNAFORM permits the rapid creation and modification of geometric drawbeads and analytic replacement models in a user-friendly interface.
  • PROCESS DEFINITION: The geometry data can be imported by the integrated CAD interface and assigned to the appropriate tools so that they take over their function. This approach permits for many standard processes a largely automatic process definition and positioning of the tools on the blank.
  • AUTO CONTACT DEFINITION: Contacts between the sheet and tools are also defined automatically, same for the contacts between tools if required.
  • TAILOR WELDED BLANK MODELING: DYNAFORM allows the calculation of sheet metal forming processes with parts whose thicknesses vary within the blank.
  • EXTENSIBLE FUNCTIONALITY: Even the basic version of DYNAFORM offers an exceptionally wide range of functions. By licensing additional modules, the functionality can be extended: The BSE module is a complete solution for accurate blank size estimation, nesting to maximize material utilization, piece price and scrap calculation. The DSA module offers a LS-DYNA based FEA solution to analyze die system operations including scrap removal, die structural integrity and sheet metal transferring.

Please download SAE paper on usage of metal forming simulation at the former DaimlerChrysler AG (Auburn Hills) implying LS-DYNA and eta/DYNAFORM.

The document is in pdf format: Stamping Simulation in Pentium PC & Linux Environment [163 kb].