Material Tests

Often one can reach reasonable estimates with simple dynamic tests and can fill the material cards. We use a double pendulum of the 4a company and deliver the finished material cards.

Dynamic properties of many materials are not known. A detailed investigation is expensive and is possibly associated with a significant delay in the testing laboratory. For many load cases, it is sufficient to investigate the determination of the characteristics with a simple pendulum. The parameters are then adjusted by an optimization process such that the dynamic test is well mapped. The acceptable calculation accuracy is only expected when the load type and load level in the load case coincides with the experimental data. Therefore we offer you the determination of the material charts for your load cases. For this, we use a double pendulum of the company 4a. The dynamic compression and tensile and bending tests are performed with testing instrument.

Example studies which we carry out are:

  • Determination of material aging of dummy components
  • Elastic behaviours of components which reduce the injuries due to head impacts
  • Material properties of plastic mats


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  • Application LS-DYNA
  • Material laws
  • Process Simulation