Method development

In order to perform reliable, nonlinear dynamic calculation, you need experience in dealing with the software. We are here for you with all our support and advise. Together we can work out how you can use LS-DYNA for your specific needs.

Since many years DYNAmore is engaged in code development for LS-DYNA. The material rules for composite materials were already implemented in 90s.Today, a small group is working for implementing new features and methods in LS-DYNA. We are directly connected to the Release Management of LSTC. The clients are from USA, Germany and Asia. Our capabilities cover the entire spectrum of FE technology. Parallelization and porting of the code is not carried out by us.

Examples of already implemented tasks are:

  • Development of welding point models
  • Development of breakdown models
  • Development of the material models for breakdown of laminated glass
  • Development of mapping programs for the continuous calculation of the component manufacturing
  • Development of the methods for realistic air-bag unfolding/expansion
  • Development of the modelling techniques for the assessment of the whiplash injuries rare-end crash
  • Development of the active hood system for pedestrian protection
  • Seat development for the minimization of the whiplash injury
  • Procedures for the simulation of airbag folding processes
  • Stability analysis
  • Head impact of the occupants in tracked vehicles
  • Accidents involving fork lift trucks
  • Modelling of splashing in vehicle tanks
  • Modelling of hot stamping


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