Human Model

For the consideration of the human body under impact loads, the THUMS model can be used. Human models of different sizes and positions are in preparation.

The model has been developed by Toyota Central R&D Labs. Inc, Toyota System Research Inc., and Toyota Motor Company in conjuction with Universities and further partners. The THUMS model is in Germany commercially available from DYNAmore. The above mentioned consortium is still enhancing the model and will provide updates regularly.

The body is modeled by considering the shape of individual bones, discretized ligaments and tendons represent the human anatomy perfectly. The model has been validated extensively with cadaver tests and shows a good correlation in different front and side impact scenarious.

The table below provides some general information about the human model "THUMS".

Item # Number
Nodes 60000
Materials 1000
Solids 30000
Beams 2500
Shells/ Membranes 51000
Elements 83500

Thorax, spine, pelvis
bein-jpg-jpgLeg, ankle, foot
Shoulder, arm, hand

Download paper on the model.

Sitting model
Standing model