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Element Types & Nonlinear Aspects

This seminar is a collection of different topics on nonlinear aspects surrounding LS-DYNA. Emphasis is directed towards element technology and the specific elements implemented in LS-DYNA. In addition, adaptive schemes for nonlinear problems are presented. Since more and more implicit features are included in LS-DYNA, another part of the class is dealing with implicit solver technology for nonlinear problems.


  • Element formulations implemented in LS-DYNA
  • Application field and pros/cons of the different element types
  • Theoretical background of various element formulations
  • General aspects of nonlinear problems in finite element theory
  • Solvers for implicit analyses with specific emphasis on LS-DYNA
  • Various example problems using LS-DYNA

This class is intended for participants with pre-existing knowledge in finite element technology and LS-DYNA who would like to learn more about various aspects of nonlinearities and their implementation in LS-DYNA and who are also interested to obtain better insight into the theoretical background.

Date 07.10.2021 - 07.10.2021 (1 day)
Lecturers André Haufe, Karl Schweizerhof
Location Ulm
Languages German, English
Standard (525 € + VAT)
Employee of University (262 € + VAT)
Student (50 € + VAT)
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