Infoday Verification & Validation

Increasing demands for improved prediction accuracy in FE calculations and, for example, reliable forecasts about structural and component failures, place much higher requirements on model quality than was generally the case in the past.


Not only approved and tested modeling techniques are of vital importance but also newer and more complex material models as well as assured process steps, such as the consideration of forming simulations in crash calculations. The evaluation of simulation results with regard to their significance and reliability is highly relevant to the quality of predictions.


When used in this context, the terms verification and validation are often synonymous with the additional effort required to achieve better predictive accuracy. Probability tests to estimate uncertainties in simulations are also becoming increasingly important.


The aim of the information day is to bring together different experts from the fields of testing, simulation and teaching to channelize their knowledge in an interesting presentation program and to stimulate discussion and the exchange of experiences in this fascinating field.

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