Introduction to Simulation Data and Process Management in LoCo

The software system LoCo is a work environment for managing simulation data and processes. In particular, the distributed development through simulation, across locations within a company or with external development partners, is greatly supported by LoCo.

Simulation models are managed in LoCo and provided to users via a graphical user interface in a structured manner. Due to the integrated version management, any changes made by the user to the simulation models can be tracked. So-called "History Trees" show all changes during the development process. In addition, LoCo provides an environment for the integration of arbitrary, user-specific specialized CAE processes like model/load case construction, quality control, parameter studies, linked simulations, etc.

On the first day, the seminar provides participants the basic knowledge of how to use LoCo. In-depth knowledge in the application of LoCo is dealt with on the optional second day. The usage of the software and the realization of workflows for the daily work as a design engineer will be presented in detail.


Day 1 (Basics)

  • Introduction to LoCo, Overview
  • Use of the graphical user interface
  • - Browser
    - Grid
    - Property view
    - Notification console
    - History trees
    - Inbox
    - Job status
    - Menus

  • Tutorials, workshop
  • - Setup Wizard
    - Adding and editing Includes
    - Definition of parameters / attributes
    - Construction of runs
    - Working with the history graph

    Day 2 (Advanced Topics)

    • Modeling recommendations
    • Merge and Compare
    • Management of attributes
    • Creating and configuring new projects
    • Error analysis (Notification console)
    • Parameter (DOE) studies, Optimization and robustness with LoCo and LS-OPT
    • Python interface
    • Representing individual processes of departments and disciplines in LoCo (depending on the group of participants)
    Dates Duration/days Registration Referee Language Location Fee
    2 days Stuttgart (GER)
    1050 €
    2 days Stuttgart (GER)
    1050 €
    contact Maik Schenke
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    • Multiphysics
    contact Carina Sieber
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