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With the increasing number of possibilities of LS-DYNA in implicit dynamics also engineering problems in long time dynamics can be examined and solved efficiently. Especially for challenging problems in civil engineering these functionalities are very interesting. Besides the classical tasks such as the vibration analysis of bridges and high-risers due to earthquakes, now servicability problems, like the vibrations started by pedestrians or machine dynamics can be computed.

Furthermore LS-DYNA is said to be one of the world's leading software codes in the field of short time dynamics. Here typical civil engineering applications such as simulation based pendulum impact tests, vehicle impact on bridge structures, as well as - especially lately - civil defence or terror prevention problems can be solved. The excellent possibilities in LS-DYNA for the solution of fluid-structure-interaction problems can now be used to master the increasing challenges of facades-structures subjected to blast loads. Thus state-of-the-art simulation techniques can contribute to a more efficient dimensioning of cross sections.


  • Explicit and implicit applications, ground and concrete models, ALE for concrete, etc.
  • Bridge design
  • Implicit vibration examination
  • Earthquake (beam models)
  • Structural engineering
  • Glass models
  • Pendulum impact tests
  • Vehicle impact
  • Civil defence (explicit):
    • Blast loads at surface
    • Blast loads at mountings

The target of this information event is to show experts in the field of civil engineering the various possibilities of LS-DYNA in the above mentioned areas. Particularly a more realistic estimation of loads for complex problems, thus leading to saver designs, as well as the potential of more economic dimensioning of structures will be the benefit.

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1 day
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