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Failure of Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

Using the software DIGIMAT, anisotropic non-linear material formulations can be calibrated in dependence upon strain rates and temperature. The micromechanical basis of this concept enables failure indicators to be defined directly at fiber or matrix level of the material, or allows to derive the failure criteria of a material individually from its microstructure with a definition on component level.


Thus, the DIGIMAT material characterization bridges the injection molding simulation, which predicts the position of fibers in a component, with the simulation of structures with LS-DYNA. By coupling LS-DYNA with DIGIMAT, much more accurate results are obtained when predicting the failure of injection-molded polymer components.


The seminar discusses in detail the coupling of LS-DYNA with DIGIMAT for crash simulations involving glass fiber reinforced polymer components. The user receives an overview of the strategy of the concept.


At the beginning of the course, the required experimental data, the basics of material models as well as their calibration are discussed and failure indicators are defined. Explanations are then given about how to map fiber orientations and link the models to LS-DYNA. The contents of the seminar are directly practised with an application to practical examples.

Dates Duration/days Registration Referee Language Location Fee
1 day Stuttgart (GER)
525 €