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Infoday Drop Tests

Many of the product checks include the testing of impact loading. Typically, the resistance of consumer goods is examined due to an impact after a free fall out of heights that represent their respective usage. Examples for such consumer goods are laptops, cell phones, drilling machines or beverage cartons or cans. Furthermore, the package industry shows large interest to assure a high impact reliability during transport.


During this information day, the computational possibilities of LS-DYNA will be demonstrated in the context of impact and falling test simulations and application examples will be provided. Special attention will be drawn on the modeling possibilities of LS-DYNA with with regard to plastics and foam materials. The approaches for the identification of the associated material parameters will be also be illustrated.



  • Introduction
  • Physics for the propagation of stress waves during the drop test
  • Characteristics of plastic materials at sudden impact
  • Recommendations for the contact formulation for drop tests
  • Liquid filled containers
    • Modeling of the liquid, the structure as well as the boundary conditions
    • Methods for fluid-structure coupling in LS-DYNA (ALE, ICFD, SPH, Lagrange elements)
    • Interpretation of the results
  • Possible applications and limitation for the simulation of drop tests
  • Validation with experimental results
  • Examples
    • Analysis of drop tests of an electronic machine with and without packing
    • Impact of a liquid filled package

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26.09.2023, 13:00 - 17:00 1/2 day Add to calendar Registration English Stuttgart (GER) free