DYNAmore Express: Modeling plastics in LS-DYNA - Anisotropic Modelling of Fiber-reinforced Thermoplastics

The knowledge of physical material behavior is essential for the simulation of dynamic load cases.  
This contribution gives an exemplary overview of typically used material models for thermoplastics
(e.g. *MAT_187, *MAT_215, …) considering the different mechanical phenomena (general yield surface,
anisotropy, damage and failure).

Over the last years, 4a engineering GmbH has developed the testing system IMPETUS® and the software
VALIMAT® to determine the strain rate dependent material behavior particularly of plastics and composites.
This state-of-the-art solution offers a software driven workflow considering different test setups (bending,
tension bending, tensile, puncture, component) to efficiently generate validated ready to use material cards.

- material behavior and exemplary test results
- available material models in LS-DYNA®
- micro versus macro scale
- consideration of injection molding
- *MAT_215 – useful hints
- case studies
- Q&A


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