Infoday OpenForm as Preprocessor

OpenForm provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to users of forming simulation software, which allows for the construction of input decks in an intuitive and simple fashion.


Based on an internal standardized metalanguage, the so-called "OpenForm Process Language" OFPL, the mechanical process to be simulated is described consistently regardless of the required solver-specific numerical parameters. Thus, the forming process described in OpenForm can be used simultaneously with different solvers or for simulations with the same solver, but with different user-defined parameter sets.


The structure of the forming process is captured hierarchically using graphical templates and then translated and exported in the corresponding solver nomenclature using internal converters of OpenForm. The basic components of these process templates are formed by "items", which are in turn assembled in process "steps" to ultimately become "operations". For LS-DYNA, there already exist many such templates in OpenForm to deal with cold and hot forming of traditional form blanks as well as tailor rolled (TRB), welded (TWB) or sandwich blanks.


Attendees of this information day will be given a brief introduction to the concept of OpenForm, including the construction of a forming process, the evaluation of forming simulation results and the adaptation of the graphical user interface.


OpenForm is a commercial product of GNS.


In collaboration with GNS.

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