Infoday Welding and Heat Treatment

Because of the increasing importance of simulatory illustration of welding processes and other heat treatments were implemented in LS-DYNA several extensions. It is now possible the complete process chain in several stages to calculate.


New is among other things a material law (* MAT_270) for imaging a weld This material is only activated by excessive heat and thereby can connect to the surrounding structures ("ghost material"). For statically indeterminate systems, it therefore comes to welding residual stress conditions that cause a distortion of the component. Furthermore, in the surrounding material resetting the plastic strains by reaching the melting temperature plays an important role. Since welding processes often take place in various stages of the process, it is important to consider the component history including existing states of stress and plastic strains.


The objective of this Information Day is to give an overview of the available calculation engineers in LS-DYNA calculating means of welding and heat treatment processes.


Agenda (German language)

Flyer - 27. September, Aachen (pdf, German)



Begrüßung und Einführung
Tobias Loose (Ing.-Büro Loose); Thomas Klöppel (DYNAmore); Oleg Mokrov (ISF)



Grundlagen der Schweißsimulation und Wärmebehandlungssimulation – Anwendungsmöglichkeit und Benefit
Tobias Loose (Ing.-Büro Loose)



SimWeld – Neue Entwicklungen und präzisere Modelle der Ersatzwärmequelle für die Struktursimulation
Oleg Mokrov (ISF)





Möglichkeiten in LS-DYNA für die Simulation von Schweißprozessen und Wärmebehandlung
Thomas Klöppel (DYNAmore)


DynaWeld, SimWeld, WeldWare – Hilfsmittel für den Aufbau komplexer Schweißsimulationsmodelle mit LS-DYNA: Material - Wärmequelle - Schweißpfade und Schweißfolge
Tobias Loose (Ing.-Büro Loose)



Fragen und Diskussion






  • Welding simulation and its inclusion in process simulations
  • Simulation of special welding methods
    • Spot welding
    • Stud welding
    • Friction welding
    • Friction stir welding
    • Induction straightening
  • Heat source computation for MSG welding (interface between SimWeld and LS-DYNA)
  • Heat treatment and press hardening
  • Further developments in LS-DYNA

Dates Registration Calendar Duration/days Location Referee Fee Language
07.03.2016   1/2 Stuttgart free german
14.04.2016   1/2 Zürich, Switzerland free on demand / on demand
27.09.2016   1/2 Aachen free on demand / on demand