Introduction to Simulation Technology

Nowadays, computer simulations gain more and more importance during product development and research. However, they require a fundamental background in physics, mathematics and numerics acquired over years of education by a simulation specialist.

This course gives an overview and insight into computer simulations especially focusing on non-simulation specialists, such as design or test engineers as well as project managers, being in contact with computer simulations in their daily work or just want to get informed on this matter. In this regard, the seminar provides a glimpse into the theoretical background and simulation work flow on the one hand and also points out potential pit falls when dealing with computer simulations on the other hand. The complex matter of simulation technology is presented in a rather illustrative manner for an easier access, however, not lacking the necessary technical background when needed. Moreover, throughout the course, practical exercises will help the participants to assimilate the theoretical content and adopt the mindset of simulation specialist.


  • Application examples and benefits
  • Real-world idealization within a simulation model
  • Finite-Element Method (FEM)
  • Time-advancing schemes
  • Material modeling
  • Contact handling
  • Joining techniques
  • Simulation work flow (incl. practical exercises)
Date 23.10.2023 - 23.10.2023 (1 day)
Time 09:00 - 17:00
Lecturers Pierre Glay, Julien Lacambre
Languages French
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Employee of University (262 € + VAT)
Student (50 € + VAT)
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