Damage and Failure Compact (2 Parts)

This webinar will discuss issues related to the adjustment of material models considering failure which can sometimes be relatively complex.

Therefore, in this short class we will first review some failure models typically used in LS-DYNA. This overview will give the user a general impression of which failure criteria and models are available in LS-DYNA. On the second day, the Generalized Incremental Stress State dependent MOdel (GISSMO) will be presented where we will shed some light on its key features when carrying out simulations with shell elements.

- Day 1 - Overview of Failure Models in LS-DYNA
- Day 2 - Compact overview of GISSMO


Part 1: 15 July, 9-11 am
Part 2: 16 July, 9-11 am

Dates Duration/days Registration Referee Language Location Fee
2 days Registration
Filipe Andrade
400 €


Filipe Andrade
Filipe Andrade
Spezialgebiete: Materialmodellierung, FE-Theorie
Studium: Maschinenbau
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