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13th March 2017, Hotel Pullman Stuttgart Fontana



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Agenda, 13 MARCH
Stefan Hartmann (DYNAmore)
Introduction of the  Mapping Tools Envyo
Christian Liebold (DYNAmore)
Benefits of the Mapping Tool Envyo for Simulation of Braided Composites
Mathieu Vinot (DLR)
Kopplung von Drapier- und Verzugssimulation zur Verbesserung der Geometrieprognose von CFK-Bauteilen
Christoph Amann (BMW Group)

Lunch break
Snack and possibility to vistit our test facilities

Anisotropes Materialverhalten – von kurz über lang zur Materialkarte
Peter Reithofer (4a engineering)
Crashsimulation langfaserverstärkter Thermoplaste mit einem USER Material Modell
Lukas Schulenberg (Fraunhofer IWM)
Failure Criteria for Polypropylene-Based Compounds
Massimo Nutini (Basell Poliolefine Italia)
Coffee break

Vorgehensweise zur Charakterisierung und Modellvalidierung glasfaserverstärkter Kunststoffe zur Darstellung partieller Laminatschädigung
Fabian Köster (Daimler)

Neue Herausforderungen für eine fasergerechte Materialcharakterisierung und Funktionsintegration von FVK in automotiven Anwendungen
David Moncayo (Daimler)
Neuerungen in LS-PrePost für das Pre- und Postprocessing von Composites
Thomas Klöppel (DYNAmore)
Questions & Answer


Nowadays, the words “industry 4.0”, “process chain” and “mapping” are often used in industrial research and development environments and point out the need to make use of simulation and experimental data for further numerical analysis. Within the DYNAmore Company, this topic is being targeted within a number of industry and research projects and as a result, the software tool ENVYO® was introduced to the public at last year’s LS-DYNA User’s meeting in Bamberg, GER. Thereby, a detailed introduction to the application possibilities of this tool to close the simulation process chain for components from metal forming applications, as well as short and continuous fiber reinforced composites was given. ENVYO® perfectly fits into the number of products accompanying LS-DYNA since it defines links between different tools for process simulations and the structural analysis with LS-DYNA and allows the user to process and homogenize those simulation data in many ways. In some cases, the tool can also be used to for the post-processing of a huge number of simulation data. ENVYO® allows to consider a large number of material models and corresponding history variables along the simulation process chain and therefore helps to fully close it completely.

On this information day, experts from industry and research will report their experience from the various application possibilities with the software tool ENVYO® to the public. Together with the information exchange with the early adopters of this technology, attendees will have the chance to get information about the newest implementations within the ENVYO® software and to directly discuss their needs with the developer of the tool. This will help to push the software solution to fully close the simulation process chain for a large number of applications.


  • Overview on recent developments
  • Possibilities of homogenization/data transfer with ENVYO®
  • Questions regarding homogenization and averaging of scalar and tensorial data
  • Quality criteria for mapped and homogenized data
  • Application examples
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1 day Stuttgart (GER)
1 day Stuttgart (GER)
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