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Nowadays, the words “industry 4.0”, “process chain” and “mapping” are often used in industrial research and development environments and point out the need to make use of simulation and experimental data for further numerical analysis. Within the DYNAmore Company, this topic is being targeted within a number of industry and research projects and as a result, the software tool ENVYO® was introduced to the public at last year’s LS-DYNA User’s meeting in Bamberg, GER. Thereby, a detailed introduction to the application possibilities of this tool to close the simulation process chain for components from metal forming applications, as well as short and continuous fiber reinforced composites was given. ENVYO® perfectly fits into the number of products accompanying LS-DYNA since it defines links between different tools for process simulations and the structural analysis with LS-DYNA and allows the user to process and homogenize those simulation data in many ways. In some cases, the tool can also be used to for the post-processing of a huge number of simulation data. ENVYO® allows to consider a large number of material models and corresponding history variables along the simulation process chain and therefore helps to fully close it completely.

On this information day, experts from industry and research will report their experience from the various application possibilities with the software tool ENVYO® to the public. Together with the information exchange with the early adopters of this technology, attendees will have the chance to get information about the newest implementations within the ENVYO® software and to directly discuss their needs with the developer of the tool. This will help to push the software solution to fully close the simulation process chain for a large number of applications.


Composite Analysis


Due to the increasing importance of lightweight construction, where the aim is not only to economize on weight but also to improve rigidity and strength, the use of composite materials has increased dramatically over recent years. If considerations are made regarding the use of such materials for crash-relevant components, the requirements of simulation tools increase enormously - especially in automotive construction. As a consequence, numerous enhancements have been implemented in LS-DYNA.


The aim of this information day is to inform participants about the state of the art in simulating composite materials. In particular, an overview of existing options in LS-DYNA for simulating composite materials is given and current developments will also be discussed. Furthermore, new features in tools increasing the usability of these materials within LS-DYNA are presented (ENVYO, LS-PrePost). Presentations from both, research and industrial partners will illustrate the wide range of simulation approaches for fiber reinforced composite materials from a practical point of view. Furthermore, there is time for discussion and exchange between the software developers and other LS-DYNA users.


Participation is free of charge.



  • Overview on recent developments
  • Possibilities of homogenization/data transfer with ENVYO®
  • Questions regarding homogenization and averaging of scalar and tensorial data
  • Quality criteria for mapped and homogenized data
  • Application examples
  • Overview on recent developments for the modeling of composite materials in LS-DYNA (material formulations, elements, delamination mechanisms)
  • Insight into the latest developments for additional tools increasing user friendliness regarding the composite modeling with LS-DYNA (ENVYO, LS-PrePost)
  • Illustration of the possibilities to model composite materials with LS-DYNA with various presentations from partners from both, research and industry
  • Overview on the modeling of short, long and continuous fiber reinforced composite materials
  • Exchange and discussion with developers and users



    Agenda, 12. März 2018
    C. Liebold (DYNAmore)
    Recent Developments in ENVYO
    C. Liebold (DYNAmore)
    Investigation of Energy Absorption in Textile Composites with the Mapping Tool ENVYO
    M. Vinot (DLR)
    Structural Analysis of Thermoplastic Composite Components Integrating Mapping Process with ENVYO
    N. Jayasree (Politecnico di Torino)

    Enhanced Experimental Characterization of a Short Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Polymer
    M. Helbig (DYNAmore)

    Lunch break
    Laboratory guided tour with presentation of the Pendulum impetus from 4a
    Employees of 4a engineering GmbH and DYNAmore
    Recent Enhancements in LS-DYNA for Composite Modeling
    C. Liebold (DYNAmore)
    Composites Manufacturing Process Modeling with Introduction to J-Composites
    M. Nishi (JSOL Corporation)

    Carbonfiber Reinforced Sheet Molding Compounts – Simulation and Reality
    J. Lausch (EDAG GmbH & Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt)

    Coffee break
    Application of Process Simulation in Automotive Product Development: Forming Simulation for Fiber Reinforced Plastics
    J. Cichosz (BMW AG)
    Simulation and CT Technology in Textile LightWeight Design
    H. Finckh (DITF Denkendorf)
    Crash Simulation of Short Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Polypropylene with Analysis of the Failure Probability
    N. Sygusch (Opel Automobile GmbH)
    Questions & Discussion


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