Infoday Simulation of Plastics

Today, mechanically stressed plastic components are used in nearly all engineering environments. In particular, their use has increased in the automotive industry in recent years. Extremely complex material models are needed to model such components realistically in a finite element simulation. Plastics are usually much more complicated in their material behavior than, for example, steel or aluminium. Frequently encountered properties of plastics are nonlinear elasticity, viscoelasticity, viscoplasticity, strain rate-dependent failure and anisotropic material behavior. Moreover, the usual von Mises flow criterion is normally insufficient for a description of elastoplasticity.


  • What are the problems when modeling plastics? What are the problems when modeling plastics? -->
  • What are the problems when modeling plastics? -->Discussion of elastic, visco-elastic and visco-plastic material models
  • Failure/ localization / softening
  • Classification of plastics
  • Material models in LS-DYNA
  • Various experiments,
    • quasi-static
    • dynamic tests
    • local strain measurement
  • Identification of material parameters
  • How does the manufacturing process influence the mechanical behavior of plastics?
  • User subroutines with material laws of their own
  • Examples of use

In the course of this infoday, experts will report on their experience with material modeling and the simulation of plastics. Part of the lectures will be different experiments for the identification of material parameters and classification of different plastic types.
Application examples from the calculation of relevant components will also be covered in the presentations. DYNAmore experts will provide information on possibilities and the latest developments in LS-DYNA regarding material modeling of plastics. In a final discussion, participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and to exchange their experience with others.

Dates Duration/days Calendar Registration Referee Language Location Fee
24.07.2023, 13:00 - 17:00 1/2 day Add to calendar English Stuttgart (GER) free