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Applied Forming Simulation with eta/DYNAFORM


This course provides an introduction to the simulation of sheet-metal and hydroforming processes with eta/DYNAFORM and LS-DYNA. All steps required to set up a LS-DYNA forming simulation are covered. The eta/DYNAFORM program is a special preprocessor for simulation of forming processes with LS-DYNA. The LS-PrePost program is presented for use in postprocessing.


    • Introduction in the simulation of sheet metal forming processes
    • Introduction in the software eta/DYNAFORM
    • Preprocessing in eta/DYNAFORM
      • Meshing of tool geometry
      • Meshing oft the blank
      • Definition of the blank (Selection of the material model, setting of the symmetry boundary conditions)
      • Definition of the tools (Selection of the contact formulation, setting of the friction, positioning of the tools, applying force- and displacement- boundary conditions on the tools)
      • Positioning of the tools
      • Boundary conditions
      • Definition of draw beads
      • Definition of adaptive meshing
      • Determination of the sheared blanks
      • Trimming of the sheet with eta/DYNAFORM
    • Calculation (explicit, static or dynamic implicit)
    • Multi-stage process definition with AutoSetup
      • gravity loading analysis
      • binder closing
      • drawing simulation
    • Postprocessing with LS-PrePost
    • Application examples with eta/DYNAFORM, LS-DYNA and LS-PrePost


    The course is practice-oriented, with an emphasis on industrial applications. This seminar is suitable for users from the area of metal forming who wish to learn how to use eta/DYNAFORM and LS-DYNA to simulate sheet-metal forming processes or who wish to deepen existing knowledge.

      Date 06.07.2020 - 07.07.2020 (2 days)
      Lecturers Peter Vogel
      Location Stuttgart (GER)
      Languages German, English
      Standard (1050 € + VAT)
      Employee of University (525 € + VAT)
      Student (100 € + VAT)