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Infoday Forming Trends

The program eta/DYNAFORM is an effective pre- and post processor that has been specially designed for forming simulations. Together with the solver LS-DYNA, it forms a complete package which fully covers all forming simulation requirements.

Applications, such as determining preliminary sheet metal blanks, generating tool geometries and compensating for springback are covered by the main functions of the software package. Further functions allow to define a complete multistep forming processes based on blank positioning under the influence of gravity right up to simulating springback. Typical output of the simulation include sheet metal thickness distributions, forming forces, the amount and direction of springback or compensated tool geometries as well as the prediction of tear and fold formation.

The event addresses interested tool designers and method developers in the field of metal forming who wish to be kept up to date about the latest trends and developments in LS-DYNA and eta/DYNAFORM.

On this information day, the latest topics concerned with forming simulation using LS-DYNA and eta/DYNAFORM will be handled. New requirements, new developments and the current possibilities and limits of various concepts will be presented and discussed.


  • Integrating forming simulation into the development process
  • Process characterization
  • Add-ons and pre-simulation
  • Trimming and cutting
  • Analyzing simulations
  • Calculating springback

Dates Duration/days Calendar Registration Referee Language Location Fee
08.07.2022, 13:00 - 17:00 1/2 day Add to calendar German, English Stuttgart (GER) free
05.07.2023, 13:00 - 17:00 1/2 day Add to calendar Registration English Stuttgart (GER) free