Infoday Welding and Heat Treatment

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Due to the increasing importance of simulations with welding processes and other heat treatments, numerous extensions have been implemented in LS-DYNA. It is now possible to calculate the complete process chain in several stages.

New material models *MAT_CWM and *MAT_GENERAL_PHASE_CHANGE are provided for welding and heat treatment in LS-DYNA which enable both an efficient warpage prediction and a detailed residual stress and structure calculation. LS-DYNA furthermore offers special heat source functions for shells and solids with energy input control and special welding contacts such that all welding processes can be captured.

The preprocessor DynaWeld is used to create complex material cards for LS-DYNA. Herein, the import of data from WeldWare, JMatPro or Sysweld is possible as well as a user-defined input.

This information day aims at simulation engineers who want to obtain an overview of the available tools in LS-DYNA, DynaWeld and SimWeld that can used for model building as well as simulation of welding and heat treatment processes.



  • Welding simulation and its inclusion in process simulations
  • Simulation of special welding methods
    • Spot welding
    • Stud welding
    • Friction welding
    • Friction stir welding
    • Induction straightening
  • Heat source computation for MSG welding (interface between SimWeld and LS-DYNA)
  • Heat treatment and press hardening
  • Further developments in LS-DYNA
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1 day Stuttgart (GER)
1 day Registration Aachen (GER)
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