GENESIS - Structural Optimization

GENESIS is an integrated FE analysis and optimization software program from Vanderplaats R&D. Among other things, GENESIS can be used to carry out comprehensive linear static structural analyses, perform time and frequency dynamic analyses, determine normal modes and natural oscillations as well as calculate heat transfer problems and composite structures. GENESIS enables conceptual designs of shape, form and material to be optimized providing the user with highly-efficient methods for topology, topometry, topography, sizing and shape optimization.

The implemented optimization strategies (DOT, BIGDOT) and the close interaction of FE analysis with the optimization algorithms allow the identification of an optimal design both efficiently and reliably. This is also the case for complex problems, generally requiring only a few FE analyses. The execution and analysis of an optimization is fully graphically supported by Design Studio for GENESIS.


The seminar gives an introduction to the GENESIS program and to the graphical user interface Design Studio for GENESIS. The various optimization concepts (topology, topometry, topography, sizing and form optimization) as well as areas of application are presented and discussed. Selected problems are also solved by participants using GENESIS during the seminar.


  • Introduction to topology, topometry, topography, sizing and form optimization
  • Pre- and post processing with Design Studio for GENESIS
  • Visualization of results using Design Studio for GENESIS
  • Optimization, taking manufacturing constraints into account
  • Optimization of vibrations (with mode tracking)
  • Application examples

Dates Duration/days Calendar Registration Referee Language Location Fee
22.07.2024, 09:00 - 17:00 2 days Add to calendar Registration English Stuttgart (GER) 1050 €