Infoday Optimization

On this information day, several lectures will be presented on application examples and solution strategies regarding optimization problems, sensitivity studies, design studies with meta-models as well as robustness and reliability investigations. Moreover, new developments in our software products LS-OPT and GENESIS will be illustrated as well as aims and planned future developments are discussed.


With the aid of specific examples, new applications will be presented that demonstrate the practical usability of our software solutions. This stimulates participants to consider areas of application where LS-OPT or GENESIS can be effectively implemented as optimization software.


The optimization program LS-OPT

  • is ideally suited for solving strongly non-linear optimization problems and can thus be optimally combined with LS-DYNA,
  • functions on the basis of the highly efficient Response Surface Method,
  • contains stochastic methods for assessing the robustness of FE models and for determining dependencies between disturbance variables and system answers,
  • enables significant and insignificant variables to be identified (variable screening, sensitivity analyses),
  • can simultaneously combine several FE applications of different analysis types with different definitions of variables (multidisciplinary optimization (MDO)),
  • a clearly-arranged graphical user interface enables optimization problems to be defined in a very simple way.


GENESIS of Vanderplaats R&D

  • is a fully-integrated FE analysis and optimization software program,
  • enables conceptual designs of shape, form and material to be optimized by providing the user with highly-efficient methods for topology, topometry, topography, sizing and shape optimization
  • is ideally suited to optimize linear problems with a large number of design variables (>1 million),
  • has an intuitively operated graphical user interface,
  • is almost 100% compatible with Nastran.
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1 day Stuttgart (GER)
1 day Stuttgart (GER)
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