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Webinar: Optimization with ANSA, LS-OPT and META

The current versions of LS-OPT and ANSA support simple coupling between ANSA and LS-OPT. For example, ANSA offers excellent possibilities to realize parameterized changes of FE meshes by means of morphing technologies. The control parameters for morphing are passed to LS-OPT, where they are controlled and modified. Thus, form optimizations or robustness analyses taking into account geometrical changes can be realized straightforward. Following this, any desired optimization variable can be defined in the FE input files in ANSA and can be passed to the optimization process in LS-OPT.

Moreover, the META postprocessor from BETA CAE Systems can be used to extract simulation results, which can then be automatically imported by LS-OPT as history or response quantities. This is of particular interest, if FE solvers other than LS-DYNA are to be used for optimization. This information day shows how ANSA and META can be used in combination with LS-OPT to realize optimization and stochastic analyses. Examples from industrial practice will also be presented.

Date: 9 - 10 am (CET)


- Short introduction to the morphing technologies of ANSA, Live demo with examples
- Application of the task manager in ANSA for the optimization
- Definition of design variables in ANSA
- Interface in LS-OPT for ANSA
- Use of META for simulation data extraction for LS-OPT
- Practical examples


Dates Duration/days Registration Referee Language Location Fee
2 h German Stuttgart (GER) free