Meshfree EFG, SPG, Advanced FE

Particular attention is drawn on the application of the meshless method “Element-Free Galerkin” (EFG) as well as the newly developed method “Smoothed Particle Galerkin” (SPG). The seminar will thoroughly refer to the settings required in the LS-DYNA input deck to carry out a successful nonlinear meshfree or advanced FEM simulation. Herein, the difference between the conventional EFG and SPG formulations and the adaptive or discontinuous formulations will be explained.

Common applications of these methods are materials made of rubber or foam that undergo large deformations. The adaptive EFG formulation is the method of choice for the efficient simulation of cutting, bulk forming and forging processes. In particular, the new features of local mesh refinement in combination with the implicit time integration are the key enablers for these processes. Moreover, fracture simulations can be carried using the discontinuous EFG formulation.



  • Introduction
    • Overview of current meshless and advanced FEM methods
    • Current research trends
    • Available formulations in LS-DYNA
    • Major industrial applications
  • General Meshfree and advanced FEM in solid/shell formulations
    • EFG, stabilized EFG, EFG shells
    • Smoothed Particle Galerkin method (SPG) for severe deformation
    • Meshfree-enriched FEM (MEFEM) for rubber-like materials
    • Associated keywords
  • Adaptive methods in FEM and Meshfree solids (EFG)
    • Metal forming and manufacturing analysis
    • Conventional global and local adaptivity
    • Interactive adaptivity control
    • Boundary and contact conditions
    • Treatment of incompressibility in metal materials
    • Implicit / explicit simulation
    • Thermal effects
  • Continuum and discrete failure analysis in solid and shells
    • Cohesive EFG approach in brittle solids
    • Extended finite element method (XFEM) in 2D and shells
    • 3D SPG for brittle and ductile failure
Dates Duration/days Registration Referee Language Location Fee
2 days Registration
C. Wu
Stuttgart (GER)
1200 €
1 day Registration
W. Hu
C. Wu
600 €


W. Hu
W. Hu

Referent des Seminars:
-     Netzfreie EFG, SPG und erweiterte FE Methoden für die Struktur­mechanik

C. Wu
C. Wu

Referent des Seminars:
-     Netzfreie EFG, SPG und erweiterte FE Methoden für die Struktur­mechanik

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