Infoday Certification of human models according to EuroNCAP TB024

In the past years, more and more vehicles have been equipped with active bonnet hoods to improve the protection of pedestrians in the event of a collision. The bonnet hood is pyrotechnically erected after a pedestrian impact has been sensed in order to create additional deformation space between the bonnet hood and components in the engine compartment. In order to provide the best possible protection, the bonnet hood must be fully upright before contact with the pedestrian.


The contact time between pedestrian and hood is verified with the use of human models that represent the kinematics of pedestrians of different sizes. Since 2018, EuroNCAP there is a new certification process for the human models used in the simulation, in which the biofidelity of the models for four different generic vehicles has to be proven by a comparison with a given corridor. The certification process currently includes the AM50, from 2019 it will be supplemented by the 6YO.

On the information day the certification process as well as the calculation possibilities of LS-DYNA in this process are shown.


- Introduction

- Presentation of the new certification process for human models according to EuroNCAP TB024

- Presentation of the generic vehicle models

- Evaluation Procedure with the EuroNCAP Template

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