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Infoday Human Modeling

The human body is a complex biological system, in which various physical phenomena acting simultaneously on various length scales. For instance, from a microstructural point of view, skin tissue exhibits a porous structure, which allows for a motion of the interstitial fluid within the pore space to re-establishing the internal electro-chemical equilibrium disturbed by an externally applied load.

In particular, upon compression the interstitial fluid will be squeezed out locally and redistributed to the adjoining areas, thereby accounting of osmotic effects. This process causes a strongly time-dependent material behavior, similar to that of viscous materials. Such complex and mutual interacting processes can be found in many other biological tissues as well, such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bones and the intervertebral disc. Thus, when it comes to crash tests and crash simulations a proper representation of the human body is vital for a reliable prediction of possible injuries, which, in turn, requires a broad fundamental background of the undergoing biomechanical processes.


The information day focuses on both the real-world representation, e. g. as a crash-test dummy, and the computer model, using, for instance, the popular Total Human Model for Safety (THUMS), which was developed by Toyota Central R&D Labs. Inc, Toyota System Research Inc. and Toyota Motor Company in collaboration with universities. On the one hand, its goal is it to bridge the gap between the human biology and its representing models by providing a platform for knowledge exchange for the experts and interested persons working on the different fields of human modelling, i. e. biology, dummy development and virtual-human modelling. On the other hand, the possible modelling approaches with LS-DYNA are demonstrated.

Date 05.03.2020 - 04.03.2020 (1/2 day)
Location Stuttgart (GER)
Languages German, English